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We hope you have enjoyed using your design and make your own clock e-kit. You've given us some great ideas and suggestions for improvements, many of which we have implemented. Here are some of the key changes from edition 3;

Clock designer software

Added 150 brand new designs and improved some existing ones
Included save in clock designer format
Choose to export your design as an bmp image
Improved ease of use, added a new launcher where you can easily install the clock designer and access the other features of the CDRom.
Improved the design, print and build guides which now include better illustrations and video.
Added a randomise selected element button
Now you can move individual elements forwards and backwards in the drawing order
Redesigned the layout
Improved printing, Choose to print to a default printer or from a list of available printers and choose to print at CD size for making CD clocks.
Fixed some small bugs and made other enhancements

See clock designer 4 in action
(1.4mb, requires flash player6)

Learn more about design & make your own clock edition 4

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