Clock Templates


Ekits Clock Face Templates
Create your own personalised clocks using your favourite drawing & image editing software. For PC and Mac

Use our templates in your favourite drawing & image editing software for maximum design control over your finished clock. This collection includes 350+ number styles, divisions and backgrounds which are supplied in vector format. Just choose from the designs, import in your chosen software, add your own images and customise!

Alternatively, for an easy all in option look at our popular Clock Designer Software

Clock Faces


See 40+ different clocks made with this e-kit
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Choose from 350+ clock face backgrounds, number styles, divisions and pictures.
Vector EMF format
Maximum control of your finished clock face
Fully customise in your favourite software
Scaleable HIRes vector images
Compatible with all popular image editing applications.


Using the templates

1. Browse the range of designs in explorer
2. Choose the styles you want
3. Import into your drawing software
4. Layer
5. Customise
6. Print


Drawing or Image editing software that supports EMF (Enhanced WMF) format.

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